About Us


We opened our first location in the dining room of our San Francisco apartment in 2005 with one Bowflex and one squat rack. We aspired to connect clients and trainers after working at fitness businesses that overlooked training with trainers who overlooked business. As co-founders and roommates, we pioneered a personal approach to fitness. Even as we expanded across the region, our gyms remained run by trainers and for members.
We strive to set an industry example by prioritizing people over profits, education over entertainment, expertise over choreography and results over trends. We model fitness as a lifestyle and sell multidimensional transformation as the product. We emphasize proper body mechanics so that you can unlock your potential. We promote functional fitness to revolutionize how you move — in the gym and in life.

Living together in those early years educated us on each other’s worlds. Our favorite aspect of training continues to be the exchange of perspectives between trainers and clients that expands our capacity and desire to coexist. By prioritizing connection and care, we discover the depth and diversity of good in ourselves and one another so that we can become better individuals and a better community.

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