Body Mechanix Fitness Cooperative - ProjectPedal
Cardio vascular fitness & muslcle flexability. Riders can burn approximately 600 calories per ride.

Body fat and stress levels.

Legs, core, and upper body strenght by climbing, jumbing, and lifting light weights.

Have fun dancing on the bike to choregraphed movements to Hip-Hop, Rock & Pop, and EDM classes. Live DJ at particating locations!


Indoor Cycling
Project Pedal is the Bay Area's newest indoor cycling program. We combine energetic music with intense cardovascular and strength training workouts to create challenging and fun classes for riders at all experience levels.

Getting Started
Drop-in for a ride anytime or purchase 5 or 10 Pass, choose your location to Sign Up and start Enrolling today!
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Oakland (Uptown)
Oakland (Laurel)-Coming Soon*

*Project Pedal at particpating Body Mechanix location

Oakland (Uptown)

2633 Telegraph Ste.107
Oakland, CA 94612