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Live the dream at a fraction of the cost and risk. BM has devoted years of experience and expertise in developing systems and business practices to maintain and enhance ones fitness business.

Leverage off the power of a team and take advantage of perks such as:
  • Team Atmosphere
  • Partial monthly ownership w/key
  • Referral Program
  • In house Accredited CEU Provider
  • Group discount on business services
  • Leave of absence program (40% of normal pay)
  • Paid vacation program $1200-$3600 a year ($1200 a year per coop member referred)
  • Co-branding and cross promotional opportunities
  • Coordinated  community activities and events to improve client retention.
  • Support of a full health care team.
  • Rates as low as $12 (with a 100 session a month commitment)
  • Business mentoring
  • Access to state of the art CRM and other business tools and systems
  • BM fitness supply store discounted rates
  • Supplemental health care program
  • Discounted web site development
Join Our Team
Go Independent! Live your dream.
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Body Mechanix Fitness
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