Who we are
Body Mechanix Fitness Cooperative is a San Francisco Bay Area Company comprised of hand selected, highly skilled fitness professionals and independent gym owners. Our Personal Trainers work with a wide-range of clientele and draw upon their competitive experience and areas of expertise in Fitness, Sports and Personal Training to create exciting, challenging, and well-balanced exercise programs. Each independent professional shares one common goal, to provide world-class service for the health and fitness of each and every one of our clients. We have built our business by consistently delivering results, helping our clients make gains, set goals, and by developing and maintaining a friendly club atmosphere, while adhering to solid business practices. We continue to put our hearts and souls into our business because it is just that — Our Business!

Size of Club: With 2,500+ sq. ft full service facilities starting in San Francisco along the Embarcadero, a second in the heart of SoMa, three more in the East Bay beginning with Jack London Sq. Oakland, San Leandro Marina, and San Ramon Crow Canyon. Our facilities focus on catering to both client and trainer and our goal is to provide a positive environment that fits your workout needs.
Attention: Our staff is there for you. Because our independent professionals are a part of a cooperative work environment they often work together to help establish a positive atmosphere of support and encouragement. You never have to feel confined, as our staff frequently share fitness ideas and sports knowledge to raise everyone’s skill to the highest levels. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the combined knowledge of health and fitness information we can provide.
Hours: Our facilities are always open. Each independent professional has access to open and close the gym based on their clients needs. Now you don’t have to feel like you have to get your workout in between certain Hours at a personalized time that fits your needs.
Fitness Goals: What are your Fitness goals? At Body Mechanix we have a variety of exercise equipment, from Traditional to Functional, as well as Specialized to help you reach your goals. Do you want to tone, gain muscle, or get buff? We can do that. Want to lean out, lose weight, get a flat stomach? We can do that. Bootcamps, Group Training, Excursions, Sports and Athletic Training, even Rehabilitation? We do all of that too. Our Personal Trainers have a variety of skill sets and expertise-call us (877) 658-4757 to get matched with the perfect trainer for you!
Staff: All our staff are qualified through accredited organizations. It is fundamental to us that we offer trained and knowledgeable staff that can guide you through the correct use of exercise equipment while encourage you. Also, it is important to us that every Trainer at Body Mechanix is easy to talk to and available to assist you.
At Body Mechanix we want to create the necessary personal connection between trainer and client. We want to believe in our clients goals and make them our own. Taking one step at a time we will achieve maximum results by setting goals, plotting the course, and improving upon success!




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